Rear wheel drive with impressive SRS suspension system


The R-Trak holds the smoothest ride at your fingertips. Designed to sport an impressive SRS suspension system while promising an all over exceptional performance. The R-Trak's new sleek design is further enhanced by the new aesthetic detailing creating an elegant yet powerful design. Providing a high class smooth ride regardless of terrain, the R-Trak stands as the best answer for all users with active lifestyles.

Users of R-Trak are able to utilise unmatched additional benefits, with up to ten inches of powered seat elevation, without compromising a top speed of 6.5 km/h when in this state. Fifty degrees of tilt and still receive a impressive list of clinical benefits.

The suspension system allows users to achieve greater stability, increased traction on uneven surfaces all while reducing impacts from environmental inconsistencies. Developed with one goal in mind: to give users the utmost comfort, performance and accessibility.


Weight Capacity 136 kg
Maximum Speed Up to 11 km/h Up to 5.6 km/h with 10-in. lift
Length Stowage Length: 884 mm without front rigging
Length: 1130 mm with front riggings
Width Width: 616 mm
Ground Clearance 101 mm at battery tray
Turning Radius 653 mm
Suspension SRS Suspension system
Rear Wheels (Drive Wheels) 356 mm, solid or pneumatic
Anti- tip Wheels 102 mm, flat free
Drivetrain Two motor, rear-wheel drive
Brakes Electronic regenerative, disc park brake
Battery Size C20 75 Ah, C5 62 Ah
Batteries Two 12 volt, Flat top deep-cycle
Battery Charger 8 amp, off-board
Motor Options 2 pole and 4 pole motor options


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  • Rear wheel drive
  • Impressive SRS suspension system
  • 14 Standard colour options
  • Smoother ride experience
  • New Sleek aesthetic design
  • Tilt
  • Recline
  • Powered articulating centre mount footboard
  • Powered elevating and articulating individual leg supports


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