Zen SP

Skin protection

This cushion offers skin protection and a 4-way stretch, breathable cover. Weight capacities are 79 kg for 254 - 356 mm (10”-14”) width, 159 kg for 381 - 533 mm (15”-21”) width, and 181 kg for 559 mm (22”) width and greater.


  • Slightly Contoured, high-density molded foam base
  • FRG Comfort foam topper for skin protection
  • Standard Visco topper (exclusive FRG SunMate) for added comfort. FRG SunMate is an all natural flame retardant material
  • Coccyx and sacral relief
  • CoolCore technology cover standard
  • Sizes available:
    Length: 254 – 610 mm (10 - 24")
    Depth: 254 – 610 mm (10 - 24")
    Custom order configurations available
  • Urethane or Polyurethane liner optional
  • The standard Coolcore cover can be substituted with a Stealth Tek or a Mesh cover


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Powered by CoolCore

What is CoolCore?

  • Chemical Free material
  • UPF/Flammability rated
  • 4-Way Stretch nylon interlock with Elastane
  • Patented combination of chemical-free blends that deliver 3 distinct functions: Moisture Wicking to Moisture Transportation to Moisture Evaporation.
  • CoolCore Technology is exclusive to Stealth Products.
  • Year round Temperature Control
  • CoolCore fabrics wick moisture away from the body in every direction keeping you dry and comfortable no matter what season it is.
  • Breakthrough Technology


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